Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants

Aqualux Watermanufactures a range of reverse osmosis Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Plants. The units remove 98 – 99% salts from Brackish  water with salinity up to 8000 ppm TDS water as found in the region and produce water less than 500 ppm TDS for drinking water. Our high purity line of products can also purify brackish water down to less than 10 ppm TDS water for boiler feed and other high purity applications.

Instrumentation & Protective Features

  • PLC base panel to controlled all instrumentation & operation.
  • Digital salinity controller with readout for temperature and salinity
  • Easy to read gauges including product flow meter and low and high pressure gauges
  • Start/Stop switch with built in motor overload protectors
  • Totalizing hour meter
  • High pressure regulating valve
  • Premium quality high pressure fittings
  • Electronic salinity controller to automatically direct product water to waste when potable by means of a 3-way actuated valve
  • High quality water indicator lights
  • Splash resistant electrical enclosures
  • Glycerin filled 316 SS high and low pressure gauge for long life
  • Automatic Back flush Systems to supply fresh water to membranes upon     shutdown
  • Membrane Auto cleaning system valving and controls to facilitate chemical cleaning of membranes
  • Automated control system based on a in built programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Automated start up operation activated by selector switch Auto/manual switch
  • Self diagnostic built-in-test equipment with automatic fail safe for various conditions status display on front display panel
  • Emergency stop