Effluent Treatment Plants

Membrane technology helps meet the world's water needs.

While most of the world’s surface is covered by water, only 1% is safe to drink. As our population rapidly grows, water conservation and recycling are critical priorities. Better water management is a necessity in all industries to optimize water usage, minimize water foot print, and lower manufacturing costs. Membrane filtration is a vital resource for the treatment and reuse of municipal water and wastewater.

AqualuxWater has introduced a variety of System solutions into large-scale municipal applications, most notably for the treatment of surface, brackish, or seawater water for production of drinking water. Water is also needed in virtually every industrial and manufacturing process. Regulatory restrictions on  wastewater discharge, combined with corporate accountability pressures, are increasing the cost of doing business,  challenging industries in all sectors to find ways to conserve, treat, and reuse their water and wastewater. AqualuxWater provides a variety of cost-effective solutions to purify incoming water and outgoing wastewater  streams in commercial facilities that can be customized to meet individual water treatment needs and discharge  requirements across many industries. In many cases, AqualuxWater systems can produce wastewater that is clean enough for reuse within the factory.

AqualuxWater provides a comprehensive range of services and technologies to assist in waste water treatment and resource recovery including

  • Membrane filtration (MF/UF/NF/RO)
  • Ion exchange for water recirculation
  • Electro-winning
  • Conventional filters
  • Reaction tank treatment (Cr reduction, CN oxidation, pH correction)
  • Floculation and settlement systems
  • Air stripping and scrubbing systems
  • Oil/water separation
  • Dissolved air flotation (DAF)

Waste Recycle and Recovery Systems

Integrating the wide range of products and techniques with comprehensive knowledge in total water management, we offer systems that conserve water through recycle and resource recovery. For example : recovery of Nickel and Chromium solutions, purification of pickling acids, water from recycle in textile, electro-plating, paper and pulp industry. What you get is a carefully designed system that yields better quality of recycled water than that of raw water. This results in reduced sizes of equipment used for pre-treatment.

Waste management and Incineration Systems :

Based on a thou rough understanding of thermal processes, biodegrade ability, chemical recovery and pollution control, we offer a range of unique standard and custom built solutions for waste management. These include effluent treatment plants, biomedical and other waste incineration systems. Many of our systems are compact, self contained and modular, requiring very little setup and quick results. Waste treated with Aqualux Waste management equipment is safe to handle and easy to dispose as it is in environmentally acceptable form.