AqualuxWater represent the world's most advanced, solar powered water purification systems. These solar powered reverse osmosis water purifiers are designed to take advantage of the latest breed of photo-voltaic cells which economically generate electrical power directly from Sunlight and the latest reverse osmosis membrane technology which minimizes power consumption.AqualuxWatersolar powered desalinators are extremely compact in size and they boast

a giant output of 200 - 5000 Liters/Hrs, depending on the model chosen.  The rated output capacities are based on 8 hours of Sunlight. They handle input salinity up to 3,000 mg/L.The reverse osmosis technology used in AqualuxWatersolar powered water purification systems is capable of removing all kinds of impurities including dissolved salts, poisonous arsenic or mercury, bacteria, viruses, medicinal products, sewage components etc., with unsurpassed efficiency. The water purified by AqualuxWaterSeries solar powered water purifiers is not only healthy, but it is clear, colorless and tasty to drink.  Also, the water is soft and it leaves no residue on laundry, shower stalls, bath-tubs, utensils and skin. Because of the higher purity of the water, the shelf life of the purified water is of the order of a few weeks. 

Optional chlorination and ozonation systems are available for safety of drinking water in cases where the water will be stored for long periods of time.The heart of the AqualuxWatersolar powered water purification system is a high pressure reverse osmosis unit and an array of photovoltaic solar electric panels.The unit incorporates several advanced engineering features pioneered by AqualuxWater,The number of operating hours can be further extended by using our optional storage battery pack.  With the storage battery pack, the system has three modes of operation: solar power only, battery power only, or solar/battery power simultaneously. The battery-only operation is particularly helpful when small amounts of safe drinking water are needed in emergency, during night-time.

AqualuxWatersolar powered reverse osmosis water purification systems use a new breed of high-efficiency solar electric panels.These panels produce high electrical output even at lower light levels and their expected life is of the order of 25 to 30 years. They can be mounted on roof-top of an existing building , or they can be mounted on the ground, for capturing maximum solar radiation.The units are designed for durability and trouble-free operation. They include a fine-grade pre-filter of disposable cartridge design.

This assures efficient removal of marine debris, sand and other particles, thereby extending the operating life of the reverse osmosis membrane modules. Optional media filters are available for treating muddy, cloudy or hazy source water. All the materials that come in contact with water are corrosion-resistant brass, or specialty polymers. The support structure and the cabinetry are fabricated from a welded aluminum frame for long life. All instrumentation and operating controls are ergonomically mounted on the front front panel.  The instrumentation continuously monitors system performance. Optional salinity is available to monitor output water quality.   A flow meter monitors the production of fresh water. The units have built-in Hi-Lo level control electronics which can be easily connected to a fresh-water storage tank by means of our top-entry level sensor.  Built-in power connectors for well water pump and optional chlorination pump are provided. 

AqualuxWatersolar powered reverse osmosis water purifiers can  provide you with high-quality, safe drinking water from almost any land source of water -  in locations never thought habitable until now !  And it is backed by AqualuxWater, the world's most trusted name in water purification since 2002.

Use AqualuxWatersolar powered water purification system for:

  • Rural Water Supply Projects in Remote Locations
  • Water Supply for Remote Ranches, Communities and Vacation Cabins
  • Water Supply for Remote Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Water Supply for Pipeline Security Posts
  • Water Supply for Inland Oil-rigs
  • Drinking Water Supply for Boy-Scout Camping, Military Camps
  • Water Supply for Growing Vegetables and Fruit in the Desert
  • Emergency Drinking Water Management after Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquake,  or similar Natural Disaster
  • Portable or Permanent Service