Multi Grade Filter

AWWT offer Quartz Sand, Gravel, Anthracite, Catalytic Media and Active Carbon for a wide variety of applications and solutions. Applications include drinking water treatment, chemical disinfection, and pH and EC control.

Also among the media and multi-media filters /Multimedia Filter applications is Iron Removal filter from water. This process includes pH control, oxidation with air, chlorine, or other oxidizing additives, and media filtration with deep sand media or catalytic media

In AWWT media and multi-media filters solutions / Multimedia Filter , Gravel ranges from sizes of 1-20mm. Anthracite is used as a component of dual or multi-media filters / Multimedia Filter for drinking water in conjunction with sand and possibly garnet. Catalytic media is used to remove catalytic iron and manganese from drinking water and Active Carbon is used to absorb chlorine and other minerals from water.

Media and Multi-Media Filters Diagram


  1. Upper Service Hole
  2. Filter Inlet
  3. Anthracite Layer
  4. Fine Sand Layer
  5. Coarse Sand Layer
  6. Filter Outlet
  7. Gravel Support Layer
  8. Filter Element
  9. Side Service Hole