On Wheel Brackish Water Mobile RO Plants

AqualuxWater understands water treatment for the Civil or military. We draw upon our team's experience and in-depth understanding of the water treatment process to offer systems that can treat any water - anywhere - any time - regardless of the effects of the surrounding environment. Solutions are extremely flexible and designed to meet your requirements. This can vary from a lightweight portable system which can be airdropped into a location, all the way up to a large capacity containerized unit. Key criteria are examined and incorporated into the design. This includes source water conditions, transportability, modularity, ambient environment, and effects of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents. All appropriate and user-defined Civil or military specifications are utilized to produce a system which provides reliable, user-friendly operation and maintenance. When you need water on the remote or battlefield - AqualuxWater there. As today’s Civil or military operates through smaller and more mobile units, these lighter more mobile systems will be critical in meeting the sustainment needs of these formations

Where You Go, AqualuxWater Goes.

AqualuxWater has the broadest civil or military water treatment product line in the industry. The Sole AqualuxWaterR  produces up to 5m3/hr of potable water production. Systems are equipped with integral power, which eliminates the need for external generators. They can also be easily transported on civil or military vehicles or aircraft. Units are designed to operate in the harshest environment under extreme conditions. In addition, your benefit from the expert and responsive service delivered through AqualuxWater  service capabilities.