Summing Pool Filtration

Pool filters are essential to reliable operation. The truth is that no matter how hard we try, it is inevitable that dust, dirt and debris will make their way into the water of any swimming pool. Leave such unwanted pollution untreated and it’s likely to accumulate rather quickly, creating cloudy water and ideal conditions for an algae population. Which variety you opt for can be as much a matter of personal preference as it is necessary.

How do pool filters work? The basic operation is the same across the board – such filters operate by pumping the swimming pool water through some kind of barrier to trap particulates in the solution. Nearly every pool will completely cycle its water through the filtration system several times a day. Choosing which filter to buy requires that you understand something about the benefits, cost and maintenance regimen associated with each.

AqualuxWater provide industry leading solutions for commercial and residential pools. Aqualux has a 25 year long tradition of R & D focused on the customers’ needs and a growing global presence is testimony to the company’s success.No matter the size or shape, we have the capacity to provide the optimum solution for residential pools or Olympic size pools, indoor or outdoor, for hotels and water parks.

Aqualux India with its young & dynamic team has expert knowledge in both pool design and specification of products. The team place a high emphasis on safety and can advice on all aspects of pool design taking into consideration health and hygiene along with aesthetic requirements to ensure total customer satisfaction. Value for money is assured by offering a combination of innovative design with the latest energy-efficient and reliable product

  • Reinforced Polyester Resin and Glass Fibre Sand Filter.
  • Fitted with Pressure Gauge, Manual Water Drain, Manual Air Vent
  • Includes 6-way valve
  • Maximum Working Pressure 2.5 Bar (Test Pressure 3 Bar)
  • Filtration Velocity 503m3/h/m
  • A zeolitic filter media that gives years of service along with water clarity 60% better than sand.
  • Ideal for leisure centres, schools, hydrotherapy, hotel pools and spas.
  • Removes ammonia and heavy metals from pool water - "A swimming pool’s best friend!"

Aqualux Quality Statement

It is the policy of Aqualux Water to provide products and services which give total customer satisfaction.

The aims and objectives of the company are:

  • To place safety and quality first in everything
  • To fully understand our suppliers and customers’ needs and expectations and to supply precisely the products and services agreed.
  • To involve all staff, utilising their skills and abilities to the full, in support of our quality policy.
  • To set ourselves a target of annual improvement, based on the simple but

fundamental principle of ‘do it right first time’.